Trash & Debris Removal

Federal Maintenance Services has been conducting property maintenance services for Houston and the surrounding areas since 1986.

Throughout our almost 3-decade history of providing facility management, we routinely saw the unauthorized dumping of trash on commercial properties, particularly in service drive areas. This illegal deposit of debris, over time, can lead to a loss in business and a general deterioration of a property’s appearance.

Federal Maintenance is able to remove and properly dispose of a variety of trash and debris items. Items most commonly asked to be removed include:

  • Illegally dumped items such as furniture, appliances, and landscape debris
  • Accumulated construction debris left in dumpsters
  • Pallets that have accumulated behind service drives and industrial parks
  • Trash and debris left by tenant move-outs in industrial and retail spaces

To learn more about how Federal Maintenance’s trash removal and debris removal service can benefit your property, contact Federal Maintenance at 281-498-0588 or fill out our contact form.

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To learn how our comprehensive facilities maintenance services can benefit your commercial property, contact Federal Maintenance Services at 281-498-0588 or fill out our contact form.

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