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Federal Maintenance Services recognizes the need for a custom porter program that differentiates between retail centers with high flow volumes and those establishments with less activity. Our Day Porter Service and our exclusive Mobile Porter Service target high-traffic properties and can include any client determined schedule for maintenance support. Our highly trained personnel will monitor the exterior of the property with an acute attention to detail and attend to needs promptly as they arise to ensure a safe environment and clean aesthetic for your customers.

Our unique porter service programs seek to offer a more cost-effective solution to our clientele by monitoring properties on a weekly basis and executing services specific to the property and per the request of the customer. All of our Porter Services are tailor-made to our customers and performed to ensure the cleanliness and general appearance of your property.

Our Day Porter Services Include:

  • Walking the entire property including service drive/ tenant sidewalks/ curbing and dumpster enclosure to pick up trash/debris/cigarette butts
  • Emptying overflowing site trash cans as needed
  • Wiping down trash can lids and other site furniture
  • Wiping down elevators and stair railings
  • Returning all shopping carts to appropriate tenants
  • Removing cobwebs/bee nests from sidewalk canopies
  • Cleaning up liquid spills on sidewalk as needed
  • For vacant spaces: sweeping, flushing P-traps and washing windows inside and out
  • Wiping down bottom of all window mullions on vacancies only
  • Removing bird nests from sign raceways
  • Reporting any major damage to trees or other issues regarding cleanliness of shopping centers
  • Picking up trash from grass islands, landscape areas, and hedges
  • Removing any bandit signs

Our Mobile Porter Services Include:

  • Wiping down window mullions, trashcans, handrails, benches, and any other site furniture not contained inside a tenant patio
  • Checking the back of property and all dumpster enclosures for any dumped trash, appliances, pallets, etc.
  • Walking entire property and removing all bandit signs, stickers on signs and windows, and banners
  • Reporting any unusual conditions, graffiti, nonworking lights, or unwanted tenant items stored at back of property
  • High sweeping the under canopy to remove cobwebs
  • Reporting all bird nests in fascia signs throughout property
  • Sweeping all common hallways, mechanical rooms, and fire riser rooms

To learn more about our day porter services, contact Federal Maintenance at 281-498-0588 or request a bid.

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