"Where a handshake still means something"

At Federal Maintenance Services, we understand that the appearance of a facility creates a lasting impression on potential customers. As a leading facilities maintenance company in Texas, Federal Maintenance has been dedicated to helping our commercial clients create a positive first impression through our unmatched property maintenance services.

Federal Maintenance’s roots in the property management industry began with a primary focus on sweeping commercial parking lots. As the industry expanded, so did our company, increasing our capabilities to provide wide-ranging services for indoor and outdoor property maintenance.

Today, our business encompasses over 1,500 properties and reaches several major markets in the state of Texas. Our team of experienced managers has intricate knowledge in partnering with a diverse clientele, including large real estate corporations, retail and industrial property managers, facilities managers, business managers and small business owners. We demonstrate the ability to understand the unique visions of all our customers, customize a plan of service, and execute cost effective solutions.

Our comprehensive facilities maintenance services include:


The Federal Maintenance Team

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